Poetic State Of Mind

S.O.S. (Sanity Over Submission)

Sands by the ocean of a beach,
Beach chair, I glide back on my seat,
Trying to reach to my senses,
Ocean whispers cleanses a tensed
mind that’s had its back against
the rope and sat on several fences,

The world is my cockpit and I’m the
I’m flying my destiny to an unknown
location remote from all the paranoia
that floats in orbit around me,

As it is I’m having to find out that trust
is a drug that needs a strict prescription,
Restricting my mind from missing that
point in time when I could look at people
and easily coexist with no inhibitions but
I guess I was blind,

I lacked proper foresight,

I was told it happens to the best of us,
People betray each other,
Life’s a tale of cut and thrust,
Can’t trust an illusion, its a sedative
to your thought process,
At the same time a poison that imprisons
your spiritual closet,

If I could turn the hands of this hublot back
to ’88 to my mothers womb,
I would have mapped out my coordinates
To coordinate with my instincts maybe
leave my sentiments under a tap and
watch it swivel away in a sink,

Come back motionless in feelings,
Sharp razor like tongue all these
so called friends and fiends,
Nemesis in sheep clothing who’ve been
around before Genesis,

The oceans beat louder,
Prowling harder as my thoughts keep
flouting my order,
I came to escape the horror,

Why are you still here, revisiting the past
I ask?
Leave me alone, I can’t deal,
I can’t even tell what’s real?
Demons in my head showing me my
highlight reel,

And I can’t help to feel, there were
stupid that I took that had my world shook,
Shook to the core,
See how my life’s crooked like a painting
on a wall,

More and more these scenes of horror,
Getting vicious, depleting my sane aura,
I need to admit fast,
Need to relax,
Conflicting messages making this therapy
fall into a complete relapse,

I need to save me from me,
Not the body, but what’s within,
Not the bone but what’s just beneath
the skin,
I’m thinking, I need to save me from
my inner skin that’s full of sin,

So that’s it then,
How could I have been so naïve,
Allowing my guard to stand at ease
when it should have been paying
Redemption is not too far,
Calmest waters, ocean whispers gently,
these wounds are no longer scars,

The cure to my pain lies not within
medication but within my emancipation,
I’m ready to let go,
Turn a new leaf, start from ground zero,
Make that transition from a villain to a

And as the sun sets, I accept there’s work
to be done but my minds sparked like a
gen set ready to work to reverse what was
deemed as the final outcome,

Behold the threshold of an optimist set free
from doubt’s treacherous asylum


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