Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#223)

Eyes open, world awake,
He that giveth, also taketh
but we’re spared for another day,

Pondering over the night that was
and the day that will be,
Mind over matter,
Ibi Baba God wey e dey bless me,

Challenges await me but challenges
are just what they are,
I’ve come too far to cry or quit and
time is the healer of these scars that
I’m plagued with,

I’ll take hits if I have to,
Throw hits of my own,
Sparring with life the best way I can,
Cause I need to preserve my victors
crown of gold and throne,

I’m aware of the risks,
But if I went through the fire
back then and still came unscathed
then why flinch?

I’m determined more than ever
to be the best,

There will be more blood, tears and
But with no bitterness, tears or regrets,
I will put work in and I will put my all
in till my last breath,

Cause death I suspect is lurking at my
doorstep though I don’t fret cause
Success is stamped across my chest..


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