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Words Of Inspiration (#224)

Do you remember the very first word or words that came out of your mouth when you were brought into this world? Of course not, only your parents do because your senses hadn’t really developed yet and I’d be the first to admit that even as time flew past by, fast forward to now, I only have a selective memory of my time as a child. There were indeed a whole lot of memories back then but if they weren’t captured in the mold of photographs, then I just won’t be able to tell you.

That’s how difficult the situation is but just like that, I sometimes ask myself, can’t we apply this analogy to modern day thinking and behavior? By asking this here, I mean, in the likelihood of bad moments or grudges or any negative situation, can we not have a selective memory to filter those thoughts away from our happy, sane reasoning? It does my head to see people keep hold of bad or negative moments in them for as long as history tells us. Its even worse when it has to do with people directly in terms of grudges. Why stress yourself?

Forgiveness and letting go of a situation are two different things. You may choose to let go of a situation and provided you don’t dwell back on it, may use that as fuel to keep you going. You may also choose to forgive someone and let bygones by bygones and not necessarily live coexist in peace but just find each others way out of each others space. However, you can’t claim to let go of a situation that involves a person or people knowing very well that in your heart forgiveness does not exist.

Yes you may claim that its hard to forgive in certain scenarios or situations but believe you me, even if you get stomped on twice or thrice as much as possible by the same person, remember there’s a prayer in the Bible that talks about praying for your enemies. The simple fact here is that you as an individual do not have an enemy, you may dislike someone but that’s not your enemy and contrary to what the dictionary says, you may only declare one as an enemy if that person seeks your demise.

But that’s not the point of this piece and that’s not the message I’m trying carry across. The message here is to have the ability to move past any incident that may have either been detrimental to your progress or caused a temporal memory block. You are past that stage as a child when you could get mad or angry for days over trivial issues. The aim in life is to move ahead, not to hold on or move backwards. Remember back then your mind was still going under construction and as you grew you learned the principle of love and not the eros but agape kind of it.

We came for a purpose, you and I and until we have found that purpose, we ought to continue to work hard and move forward irrespective of the obstacles that are bound to hold us back. Reason like an adult who fails to remember 85% of his or her childhood growing up and erase all negativity that is suppressed within you. Be able to admit to yourself that the act is in itself a detriment to your progress and be strong willed to pick and dust yourself up.

You deserve to achieve your goals and purpose and also deserve nothing but respect, peace and happiness. Move on!


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