Poetic State Of Mind

Angels Are Watching Me..

Incomprehensible is this feeling,
Vague, distorted, lost, and yet
I’m here beaming,
A breath of fresh air coated in a
spec of dust,
Blissful, delight, passion so bright,

Believe me when I say,
I’ve got a lot to be thankful for
For these shadows that walk ahead of
me provide the serenity that my aching
soul needs to be on par with the heavens
and the powers that may be,

May be, its a figment of my imagination,
Perhaps I’m hallucinating,
A mortal like myself in the mist of such
Perfection guiding my heart and senses in
one direction,

Somehow I find it hard to believe that
its happened to me,
That these wings cover my fears,
That this bright light burns to ashes
my inequities,

In a world that bleeds of pain and destruction,
I am soothed with beautiful obstruction,
Flanked on both sides of my loins,
I feel elevated like a phoenix and majestic like
a mighty lion,

However I’m humble,
Won’t let this crown make me fumble,
But I will fall at the feet of Him who provides
me with the strength to lead and wisdom to speak,

The love that is embodied with these beings
are undeniably more than anything I have ever

Or ever felt,
Love inked within my temple and heart as if
it were done with indelible felts,

Even in pain,
I can afford to smile because situated in
my soul is a feeling I’ve been longing for, for
a while,

Lessons of yesterday as told by my grandparents
have manifested and found their way to my
sometimes peaceful, sometimes troubled domain,
I seek explanations but I’m thwarted over and
over again,

I’m made to believe that in times of gruesome
duels and anarchy,
These bodies will be an extra armor against
my enemies,

And finally, when the dust clears,
And the loudness of my emotions silences within my scalp and my chest,

And victory vindicates me of my toughest test

I’ll rest calmly, knowing very well that I have
Angels Watching Me..


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