Poetic State Of Mind


Who said beauty is inconceivable?
Then again, who said it isn’t?
The heavens opened up on that fateful
day and though the world was being
showered with rain,
She still managed to descend down on earth
hair and body unscathed,

She is joy, pain, full of laughter, faultless
She merits no complains, she is love,
She’s all the above,

From a family of kings and queens,
Her humility is sacred like a religion
true, embedded in her genes,

Effie yes, you are queen,

Coming up from a society where
condemnation and victimization
still runs like water deep,
Where women feel undeserved, unnoticed
and opt to bleach,
She keeps her identity authentic and unique,
A young Mother Theresa,
She’s the wick that lightens the lantern of
souls that are darkened and weak,

Please do not misplace her trust,
She has a few for this world and most
for Her maker,
She’s a keeper, not a take away

Her love can’t be bought,
Not for all the pearls and diamonds,
For she is a diamond on her own,
And the world is her throne,

African beauty with brains,
African beauty fierce like a lioness
to her king she tames,

She is bold, intelligent, brave, eloquent,
If you could see into her soul,
You’d find that her heart beats peacefully
and glows like gold,

And so, on the story goes
Of an Ohemaa who hails from once the land
slaved tagged Gold Coast,

Effie smile for me today,
Smile because within that smile
lies a healing power that is uncontested,
An infectious smile that blesses and rids us
of our emotional stress,

Yes, Effie, indeed you’re God’s best gift yet


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