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Words Of Inspiration (#225)

Went off for a 40-day soul searching act and while on this hiatus I stumbled across a lot of things I personally didn’t know about myself. I guess that’s what these processes bring out evidently.

One of the things I realized is that we as humans fail to accept errors, be it of our own judgment or against us. As such, we are filled within us feelings of anger that only surface in larger proportions when we fall under the slightest case of problems. We’re more of a ticking time bomb in that respect and that pretty much affects our general being.

We also fail to accept that the past is the past, and we have only two choices to make: a) ignore the root of the problem that caused our demise or b) try to resolve the problem by starting all over and fixing that root. Instead we rather mope and groan over and over again, thinking that’s going to let us get over it easily. WRONG! We’re rather growing a crop of hatred and resentment that will eventually cause us to take out our anger on anybody and everybody without carefully assessing and handling the situation properly.

You look at people and realize there are some who may have bad blood with others over really, trivial issues but for the benefit of the doubt let’s just say they over issues of highly importance. The bad part is not the fact that they’re “beefing” with these people, but rather the fact that, suddenly a chain of people, some who have absolutely nothing against those people are now the victims or associates and pay the price for being associated with the individual(s).

In a way, it makes sense, but looking at the broader picture, the innocence of these “associates” needs to be taken into consideration. Its a different ball game if the individuals all think in one unit, but when they don’t, you need to realize that for all you know, they have recognized that he, she or them have issues that even they’re own close amigos have seen and tried to help resolve. This is where the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” prominently features.

Like I said, we have to accept whatever situations we find ourselves in. Take it on the chin, find ways to curb the problems and provide a guarantee stamp that we won’t allow ourselves to be ridden over by these same issues. The old cliche of “Life’s too short” is true. It is too short, so why harbour hatred and resentment and most importantly, regrets?

Free your conscience and allow joy and contentment to express themselves over you. The greatest feeling in life is not all the riches you own. Neither is it about the life partner you have, nor the fame or popularity you may have established. It is knowing that you have a conscience free of ills, resentment and regrets.

What is that old saying? A sound mind is synonymous to a sound body, and so it is. Be positive and productive in all that you do. Remember that your only worry today should be about how well you perform positively and how long you can keep it going. ( Part 1)


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