Poetic State Of Mind

Insipid Chemistry

Thin lines, heavy cuts,
What measure will you go through to
give it up?
When the stacks are against you and
the pain is enough,
To break through the barriers that hold
up the constituents of the mindset that
made you?

Society breeds an analogy,
Two different cultures can not be,
But baby have no fear,
Cause in the game of chess, the pawns
of love protect us,
Till we grow out of the rubble and defy
society’s twisted eulogy though,

They say blood and water don’t mix,
We’re two different kinds,
So while I hustle and grind to save up
for the right time,
Your parents keep lecturing you about
the taboos that you’re bound to commit
with people of my kind,

Love is a crime,

But maybe we’re not meant to be together,
The world that we’ve created spins in
anticipation of our downfall,
Fall from grace,
Every other day we’re at each others
Trusting in and out daily,

Maybe in small theory, we’re depicting
the traits that they keep proclaiming,
You’re mad, I’m crazy,
Blame games formulate controversies that
keep winning,

Its true we’re not cut from the same cloth,
But let’s not deny the obvious that we’re
both eager to wrap ourselves in the same
matrimonial bed under one eternal cloth,

Round and round we go,
Merrily we ought to be,
Terribly we often trade tirades of emotional
cut opening blows,
Steadily our heart beats,
Unbearably we can’t see eye to eye though
the senses in our iris flows,

I’m tired, you’re fed up,
Society was right, let’s burn this bridge once
and for all,
But just as we do, a bolt hits from out of the

Truthfully these emotions are like spasms
Slowly crippling me,
Did our parents cut out our umbilical cords
too fast?
Or we are too slow to realize that our chemistry
is a faux pas that we ought to let go?

They begged, we ignored,
They screamed, we paid no minds to their
Yet the more and more we felt they were
against us,
Our hearts began to emancipate away from

You’re red, I’m blue,
Primarily our fusion provides a sick hue,
So sick that its actually true?
Me with you is earth’s greatest taboo,

So our families are unified unconsciously
against our dream,
The gods are livid with the thought of us
swimming in each others blood stream,
We consciously and unconsciously fall in
and out of this “love and baskbetball” scene,
Fate has like Moses did with the red sea, single-handedly parted our team,

Sounds of Doris Day,
Que Sera Sera, one day, our paths may find
each others coordinates come what may,
Perhaps they never will,
Will power and belief crushed to a minuscule,

Its true we’re not cut from the same cloth,
We lived a lie,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Insipid chemistry is what bodes of us,
Reality says we all die..


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