Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#226)

My soul searching hiatus brought me to a lot of realizations, and I found a lot of truths as I got back into the world again. Not more so than the fact that our affiliation with a lot of people does not necessary guarantee their commitment or “ride or die” friendship that we may or may not seek or think that we have.

I came out of my hiatus realizing that there were a lot of seasonal than “ride or die” friends within my circle. However, in spite of all these, I did not panic neither was I totally blown away. We more often than not show ignorance of reality because of how truthful and feasible it can be. Its not like we didn’t know that Kojo is just any other person, or Ama is not really a big fan of ourselves but perhaps maybe the prospect of being proven wrong upon giving the benefit of the doubt was too much of an opportunity to squander.

So the question here is, do we care too much? Do we place emphasis on the feelings of others ahead of ours, forgetting that in the end we’ll probably be the ones left in anguish and despair? I’ve learned that the necessity to feel loved and cared for is a branch that stems up from the roots of the family to significant others (girlfriends, boyfriends..etc…). Ultimately God harbors his greatest affection for us and maybe we keep forgetting that individually we came, individually we will go.

In order to drag this any longer than it is blueprinted in my head, I’ll say this. Yes, we have the right to suck up to people we love because we may enjoy their company or may want to develop something other than friendship. However, note that when the odds are stacked against you, or even when you just need a vote of confidence in testing times, the people who seek you or lay a hand on your shoulder are the ones who keep your close at heart.

Analyze and assess your circle. Know your worth in the lives of others and remember that some will treat you like dirt and others will respect you, keep their faith, trust in you and expect the same loyalty.

Life shouldn’t stand still because you lost a couple of individuals in your circle. Keep it moving because in the end..we all die, such is life.


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