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Words Of Inspiration (#227)

I tend to find ignorance as a state of awkwardness especially when show towards issues of vital interest and importance. The act of terrorism in Kenya is one in which most nationals globally if not Africa should look at and treat with a conscience of humility and numbness.

Indeed you may not have a relative or someone close to your heart involved but just imagine actually having someone there. Worse still, imagine you being present at the scene of it all. Being involved amongst the masses gripping with fear and trying to find ways to save your life and possibly in the end, not being able to.

Some of us are old enough yet sensitivity and sentimentality towards such issues like this are traits we lack immensely. I ask you today, how would you feel if your country had be stricken with a tragedy like this? A country like Ghana, dubbed one of the most hospitable and friendly nations in the world being attacked in such a vile manner, would you feel safe?

It irks me to see people slam other people for being sensitive towards this issue and not just this, but others. The notion placed when such comments arise are “oh you think you’re a world leader or peacekeeping missionary” or “take your politics and fake sentiments, elsewhere”.

If there was any justice, and I repeat if there was any justice in the world, we’d still be living in the primitive stages of this world where statements of condemnation and denouncement would amount to the heavens striking people down for their statements. Thankfully, we are not and rightly so too.

The world we live in right now is one of mass hysteria and confusion and we can only be thankful and humble that we are blessed to see each day. However, our blessings should not be the reason or catalyst to give us the edge to disregard or snub the great tragedies that are going around elsewhere. Whether you hate to admit or not, every single human being in this world is prone to the troubles of the world. You just have to pray and determine whether you want the troubles to destroy you or temporarily break you.

Kenya is in a state of mourning and reflection as well as misery and confusion. Acknowledge your existence on earth today and pray that their people are able to recover from this turmoil. Always ask yourself this, “what if it were me?” and always remember, Gods greatest gift to mankind was life, but just as He gave it to us, He can decide when to take it away. So humble yourself, and give reverence and praise.


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