Poetic State Of Mind

New Generation…

From a fetus we developed
Into beings,
Limbs inclined onto the floor,
Thought processes raw,
Born with no knowledge at all,

The classroom became our temple,
The church was our sanctuary,
Studying the rudiments to life,
Books upon books,
We booked the flight to higher grounds
Seeking to know our rights and purpose,

Years on, here we are,
Gifted with gifts that etches across our
souls like eternal scars,

We are, the new breed,
Born constellations,
We reverberate through our words,
speech and motions,

Providing hope for the broken,
Paying no minds to dumbfounded critics
Who base their criticism on looks and
As if their attitudes speak highly well of

Your poetry ain’t shit,
Poetra was right,
These rodents of men preaching wrongs
as right,
Whatever makes them sleep well at night,
But truthfully we know that these poems
mare their consciences at night,

Who we are,
Just look around and you will see,
You’re looking at kings and queens,
Conceived with silver spoons of words to
bring you onto your feet like a Sunday

We do not bear false witness against
that we do not know,
So pardon us from speaking out of life
Its just our creative juices flowing rapidly
like a hurricane swiftly rushing a tide
against the banks of our temple,

We realize some of you are immune to our
So though you might gather around with an
embracing smile your hearts are hostile,

Harden not your hearts the Lord said,
That is if you do believe in a higher being
or your actually have a heart in your chest,
That is, if you do have a soul or a piece of
wood burning with indifference to this piece,
That is, if you’re consciously unconcerned or
mentally deceased,

Like life’s unanswered questions,
We are here not by choice but by reason,
So when Kwame writes or Yom speaks,
When B.Redd opens up or Poetra preaches,
When Eli hums, Lady J pours out her soul or
Manifest, Jay So, Temple and C-Real drop
16’s over dope beats,

Please believe that we are the fontomfrom
to your soul,
The aid to your wounded spirits,
The elevator to lift you off the ground and
make you realize that you’re much greater
than your problems,

We embody change,
We are filters to the stereotype filth,
Let your minds be sedated for this surgery,

And as we surgically purify your thoughts
and reasoning let it be known,

That when the EkG line begins to plot a movement graph on its station,
Only then will you realize that we’re are
neither immortal nor incarnates but incense
of the new generation..


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