Poetic State Of Mind

Beautiful Death..

Adam and Eve hid away right after
defiling the forbidden tree,
Who knew that Eve would be the ancestral
leader of a long line of deceitful species?

I was blind, she was sweet,
She was love in the flesh,
I was a fool for her physique,

Why does it always have to
happen this way?
Boy meets girl,
like cyanide and propane,

Explosive convos to mind blowing
Mind blowing sex repetitive for
Morning pill the advil substitute for

I remember that day like it was just
5 mins ago,
She was the “long hair don’t care” with
the Givenchy shades on her face,

Shy to say hi so in past time whenever
our paths had crossed, it was only a “bye”,
But this day I was determined to use the
story of Samson though my muscles weren’t handsome enough to speak for me,

I said, “beautiful”,
She chuckled, what a shock,
At that moment my insides were imploding
like radioactive waves had found their way
to react with the rice and nkontomire stew
I had had earlier on in the day,

But wait..there’s more,

As I tried to re-compose myself
A breakthrough manifested,
“Sorry were you talking to me?”
Her eyes were the closest thing to my
mothers’ yet,

What’s more her name was Esther,
A Krobo girl with Fante mother,
I stated my case,
“Love I know its only been 2mins but
may I ask you on a date?
I know you can’t relate, but you are to
me what perfection is to God’s hands”

She smiled and nodded in approval,
Words of Nkrumah on 6th March 1957
echoed within my brain while I quietly
bussed an utter “Woo haa”,

That night was the beginning of my
I was hoping to relieve all that stress
from the lecturers who’d been bussing
my brains with economic, accounting and quantitative nonsense,

A meal for two at a local spot with the
Sweetest of views,
She met me with a look of despair,
You could tell her she was thinking,
“A whole me can’t dine here,”

We talked and laughed,
Wined and dined,
Teased and danced,
Love intertwined like Sunday
Omotuo special with ab3nkwan,

Many days would passed without
missing moments like this,
We’d skip lectures for 10mins to kiss
behind block B till our lips called
for a recess amidst our own wishes,

She was m’ewuraba,
My deepest of sins and Lord knew
I couldn’t resist the tiniest of
opportunities to have her pinned against
a wall or a bed,

She was all I could think of,
The smell of her perfume,
Expensive but nevertheless one to which
none of my exes could own or boast of,

I felt like Samson around her,
She was no Delilah though,
The way she’d twist her body to and
fro popping a vein from down low,

So how did it all end up in flames?

How did the sweetest girl lead me
Astray and I wasn’t even blindfolded,
Folded dreams and broken promises,
Samson was indeed broken by Delilah’s
barbering antics,

Should have seen the signals,
That amber coincidentally the same
color of blouse she wore on the Tuesday
leading up to the Friday when she’d cut
off my wings like Satan’s was by God after
his dishonorable flings,

If I could I reverse the hands of time I’d
shown her my home earlier,
Would have treated her to the best
cuisines she had ever seen,

But I showed her humility,
All the riches in the world can’t buy
honesty and honesty was me showing her
where I grew up before wealth found its
way towards my family,

Was I asking too much?
Did she expect more?
Was I just a pair of slippers to settle on,
While she waited for manna of
some kind to buy her the red bottom
shoes from a designer store?

Her lies, my headache,
My heartache, her IDGAF anyway,

So at the crossroads is where I currently
find myself posted at,
I sought for love but ended up with a
vampire who sought to suck my soul till
I became emotionally anemic,

The irony of falling in love,
Or was it in lust?
I know I dreamed of crushing the walls
between her thighs,
Her thighs..her thighs..Lord oh my,

Maybe this, maybe that,
A penny for the thoughts that are currently
running through my head,
But she played me and that’s a fact,
Guess chivalry and beauty are like poles
and lie closely, 6ft..dead!


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