Poetic State Of Mind

To: Pobee Jack

Dear Pobee Jack,

Its been 20years since I saw you smile,
I still remember you standing on table
taking haircuts,
Your young energetic self always up to
no good,

You were a bundle of joy to everyone but
a hazard to yourself,
I’m joking, you were just a child lost in
happiness wealth,

A seed of Pamela and Patrick,
You were that lucky fruit to have reaped,
Out of a millions of sperms,
Out of a tens of tries, you were the half of
a dozen to survive
Aren’t you blessed to be alive,

PobeeJack I know you never meant no
harm nor shame,
I know you never meant to break hearts
along the way,
I know you seek love but betrayal keeps
getting in the way,

But patience is a virtue so trust in the
In His time beautiful grasses you will

You will fall on the path of lust,
You will be ridiculed and left alone,
You will seek refuge in bottles after bottles,
But just remember alcohol will only leave you death prone,

You are substance, you are a light,
That glow in your heart,
Let it shine bright,
Turn that crooked smile straight,
Wipe those tears off your face,

Death is inevitable my child,
So while you mourn,
Keep your chin up and have faith,
Repay the faith everyone has for you,
Be something more than great,

Pobee Jack I hope to see you again soon,
Maybe in the eyes of grandpa Jones and maybe
grandpa Joseph’s too,

We are waiting to see what you can still do
with a football Pobee,
Can you still bounce a basketball?
Do you still draw?

I don’t know what the world has in store for
you but I wish you nothing but success,
I wish you nothing but blessings,
I wish you to be better than myself right
now with no stressing,

A son of an Nzema,
Be fierce but not edgy,
Love like the fante that you are,
Let your love heal the scars,

Pobee you’re clever than you even think,
You say the most profound things and you’re
not even a shrink,
You have a way to cure hearts,
Yet your own hearts under arrest,

You’re probably the best as they say,
But allow humility to be the thermostat
to cut off the pompous energy to your swollen
headed space,

I wrote a poem the other day and you appeared
Before me Pobee Jack,
You said “That was lovely, you remind me of me
in a dream some years to be”,
I smiled though I could not comprehend
what you meant?
Like a question within a question,
An inception, Pobee Jack, why do you
have me stressing?

I’m supposed to be your muse,
You’re supposed to be my patient,
Tables turned,
Life in reverse,
I wonder if I’m writing this letter to


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