Poetic State Of Mind

Nuff Said!!!

Words of a man never kill,
They..never poke, tweak, carve,
dissect into the pink matter confined
in my enormous skull,

So all this chit and chatter,
About “you think you’re fresh”,
“You think you’re some sex symbol”,
“Who gives a damn about your dimples”,
“Even guys have it at their backs”,
Hatred and animosity surfacing on their
foreheads like pimples,

They say he’s too tall,
“Jon boy, can’t even defend his lack of
booty calls”,
They say she’s too known,
Cause she speaks profoundly so education
has given the right to men to wish
their fellow men behaved like monkeys,

Or perhaps maybe zombies,
They say cause he uses a blackberry,
He’s got a masters degree in archeology,
That she’s not cool enough to hang out
with sluts who’d rather trade their
education for nights @ Mővenpick &
Holiday Inn,

Trade their education for a video vixen
But while your friends are busy being
promoted to six figure paid jobs,
You’re busying promoting your breasts
and asses for the same amount of money
that can afford a “tippa” truck,

They say he tweets too much,
He should get a life,
Funny how they’re concerned with tweeting
about tweeting birds contradicting
Like a deja vu to what seems like their daily rendezvous so I guess while they spend days
and nights doing this, this must be their job
too right?

She’s a poser,
Posted in the corner, always looking
for a man to handle her needs,
But that’s her hustle so what’s yours?
We’re balls that bounce off walls
So the life we choose can either be
our making or we could choose to
be our own breaking wrecking balls,

They say he talks ‘nonfa’,
But what’s factual about your identity
behind the makeup and laffa?
What makes you “the boss chic”,
“Dondada”, “queen bee”
What makes your sour attitude sweet
to the boys who are only attracted to
the honey in between your thighs b?

He an’t shit,
He be deft nigga,
Deft enough to command respect,
Deft enough to build an empire while
your deft self hangs in clubs with a
debt enough for you to hang yourself
the morning after when your sober self

They say no new friends,
So its true then that you can lower
your standards to that of a midget,
And when you’re down and your pockets
resembles that of a fishnet,
You call on people who you treated like
Stool pellets to machete your deficits,

They say let me laugh at this church boy,
That church girl,
Religion is bullshit,
But you know God when your life hangs
from a rope in a poisonous well,

You’re not David,
Don’t think you’re always safe,
For with each error comes a decrease
of blessings on the Lords plate.
And your fate keeps diminishing like
a shadow when the sun bids farewell
to the day,

They say she can’t be with him,
He can’t be with her,
They’re relationship is a joke,
Truthfully life ain’t fair,
So what makes you different from
the chic who bleaches her skin
to get the socially accepted vote?

They speak all the cock and bull,
Talk about others all day I’m like
what’s the point of your judgment and

Your life ain’t that better so what’s the
Blunt shots that shoot blanks,
So your arguments and statements are
like frozen inks that fail to flow out of
a pen,

Or better yet, like fertile eggs that fail
to fuse with semen,
They say preach a load of null,
Empty gospels like false prophets but
their day of reckoning will relegate them
to the bottom.



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