Poetic State Of Mind

Quote & Unquote..

You say I changed but when really?
Am I really to be blamed for getting
dropped out of your circle?

Seems like you easily forget that we
were once bestfriends, people literally
thought we were a couple,
A couple of bad judgments and flaws
that left you flat faced and you have
the audacity to tell me I changed?

Matter of a fact, get off your high horse,
Your pride is like codeine so its not a
shock that you’re high off yourself,
Talking about “well fuck it then, I don’t
need his friendship anyway”,
We came as individuals love, every car
has its own number plate,

It makes no sense for you to feel trigger
happy when your aim is off co-ordinates,
You’re shooting for no reason but missing
cause your views lacks purpose and

I respect you for who you are but this has
gone too far,
Who was there to patch up those wounds
that were hell bent on leaving scars?

Who was there 1st to say “its okay, people
come, people go, but yesterday isn’t the
father of today”?

Who was there when all you had were tears
and fears and your fears drove you around
recklessly like your mind had no brakes and
your body was stuck in 5th gear,

You crashed,
Head wounded,
Soul bleeding and crying out for someone,
Anyone to hold onto,
You’re scared cause you know you can’t
afford to,

Lose this chemistry we have,
This Omar and Sanaa cross court swoosh
jump off ,
This Luther and Mariah endless love,
But you made your self accessible to be
about that life,
A pauper chic with expensive taste ahead
of a bread winners wife,

Maybe its you that isn’t what you used to

Where’s that girl who had dreams of being
the one who emulated the 21st century
woman of empowerment and change?
The one who believes that she will stand
by her man irrespective of the high and

The mother who believes its her duty to
raise her children to be the penicillin to
the headache that is the world as we live

Where’s that girl?
Where did she go?
So today you’re telling me I’ve changed
Stabbing my loins as we embrace,
Thinking its the most logic way to deal
with the pain of who you’ve become,

But you see what you’ve made is a
description of exactly what is wrong with
the world today,

Are you proud?
Ironic how I’m not being sarcastic with
that question,
Seriously, are you proud?

So cut loose then,
Walk away,
Let fear grip you by your waist and dance
with your demons,
I’m sure you’ll feel indifferent anyway,

Because these eyes see,
And your heart knows,
I’ve forgiven you for your errors,
But you don’t trust these words because
with each passing minute your insecurities

Remember I didn’t leave you in the cold,
You left me in a pit, pitted against my
own thoughts and I dug my way out
of that hole,

I’ve come to the realization that needing
you here and now is a pigment of my
lustful desires,
However I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t want
light that body of yours on fire,

That’s not the point anyway,
Love I want you to look hard at yourself,
The world isn’t against you and I’m certainly

I looked past your demons,
I was the angel that fought for your
But you drifted off,
Sailed away, bon voyage,
Adios, efforts rebuffed,

You find yourself at the edge of the
Show seems over
Boat is sinking and you’re looking
for someone to drop the anchor,
a crying shoulder,

However until you unwrap the seal
To reveal these self inflicted jabs that
need love and affection to heal,
Then these wounds will never die,
Your boat will sink, the world will kiss
you good bye,

All I did was to reach out to you,
Give you a brick, rather than fly it at
you to build,
You say I have changed, are you for real?


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