Poetic State Of Mind

Truth Or Dare..

Truth or Dare,
Truth..is it true that the gentlemen
card is outplayed these days?
That you women prefer a man who’d
rather speak to you anyway and treat
you like bones on a leftover plate?

Is it true?

Could it be true that the 21st century
woman believes all men are dogs,
So she categorizes Kofi, Kwame, Kwesi
and Kobby as one breed that bark in
her yard?

No? What is it then?
Yes some of us fail to reason as cocks
instead as hens,
Hence, we feel the 21st century woman
is all about staying open like a wide
receiver and yes I admit its a problem,

But white differs from black and vice
You stay pointing at icons but lack
pinpoint accuracy, where’s your cursor?

Cursing the male generation but how
could you forget that you’re half
product of a males generation?

That’s beside the point though,
I mean we could go into sexist mode

Defiling our qualities,
Raping the ideologies of our existence
and who is benevolent of who’s

To what extent will it go to determine
who’s more valuable though?

We’re co-dependent however gut ripped,
heart punched feelings bruise our egos
so we consciously swell on the idea of
dependency is for whores, leeches and

Pardon my language,
I was a bit offended,
More outraged when my mind cast
back to a group of young women who
were swayed by the idea that all men
knew about was to treat women as
house slaves,

Stereotypical finessing,
Well played,

Let’s no drift away from the subject,
Is it true that a man who compliments
his woman defines her as a mere object?

Isn’t it true that you desire a man who’ll
treat as his priceless asset?
A man who isn’t afraid to tell you how
beautiful you are beneath those black
spots and scars?

One who’ll open the door for you,
Tuck the edges of your dress in
properly before shutting the door of
a car gently?

Isn’t it true that you want a man who
will sweep your off your feet,
Spin you in his arms and lavish you with
affection because you’re the ultimate
blessing each and every day till death
comes stepping,

That you’re looking for
love with no trust issues,
But when he shows traits of almost
perfection you still act like you have
no clue of his intentions,

Isn’t it true that you want to be loved
but more importantly be respected by
a man who stores your heart, mind and
soul in a treasure chest rather than a
a skeleton filled closet?

A man of honor,
A man who prides on being your
knight in shining armor,
Rather than a bullet that leaves you a

No I’m not getting it twisted,
I know you’re looking for a beast
And not a boy who still wets his

One who isn’t afraid to put his feet
down and take position of his role,
You’re not looking to sink but stay

Isn’t it true that all that I’m saying
here is a reflection of you?
That within all your cautiousness lies
a heart that wishes to be set free like
a pigeon flying right into the horizon?

21st century woman I ask you today,
Isn’t it true that you want a gentleman
as a muse to banish your ghosts away?
To delete all doubts and nullify all your
So why are you still sitting here sulking
over the bastard who chewed and spat
out your remains on depressions’ tray?

Open your eyes,
Look at that man who sits next to you
or stands right here,
Know that his purpose is to bring you
joy, wipe those tears,

He was designed to reach out and save
No ‘S’ on the chest but within his v-neck
shirt lies a heart that measures love and
respect beyond supernatural tests,

Unless you choose to remain blind to
the facts,
Unless you choose to believe that all
men indeed treat women like diamonds
at first but later as scraps,

Believe all you want,
But believe me to every rule there’s an
Guess you’ll never know because you’re
not willing to let go of yesterday and
experience tomorrow’s blessing,

Isn’t it true?


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