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Words Of Inspiration (#229)

This year has been one of vast and diverse emotions. A year of achievements and a year of disappointments. I’d love to reflect on what has been an intriguing year to say the least but I’d like to end the year on a different note. Rather than reflection I’d love to project into the in coming year.

As always there have and yet will be resolutions to be made but I always end up asking my self whether these resolutions are realistic or feasible?
My approach into the coming year is as simple as they come. I’ve decided to go with the mantra of ‘Keep it Moving’.

Here I simply mean in the forth coming year, rather than waste time and energy on things or people that drain your positive energy, be it 0.1% or 99%, spend time on things that keep your positive juices going. It could be your career, a hobby, an art, close friends who always get you looking forward to a new day, month etc.

Enough of the “new year, new me nonsense” 2014 should be all about you revitalizing yourself and maintaining traditions that have you brought this far in your life, its about finding those chargers that will keep you going rather than changing the whole handset.

The goal is to be progressive rather than being dormant or stagnant. You woud want to avoid anything, everything, anyone and everyone that proves to be a hindrance to your day to day activities and ultimately what you want to achieve in the short run and or long haul.

This past year many of you may fail to admit to the fact that you have allowed yourself to be distracted or halted by these examples but that’s expected, I am no exception to this rule but the coming year gives us a chance to rectify this mishap.

Your opportunities are limitless and boundless, in the coming year, give yourself every opportunity to seize the moment while maintaining positive standards. The same standards that have brought you joy and success over the last couple of years.

While we have few hours left to reflect over what has been, what could have been and what could be, let’s dwell most importantly over what is set to be a year of progressive movement in thinking and action. Have a wonderful new year!


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