Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#230)

Some things are better left unsaid, and rightfully so. I ask myself this sometimes, is it necessary to comment on everything we see? Better yet, is it necessary to persist in trying to reach out to people who have their ears, spirit and psyche shut silent in a coffin of ignorance?

What’s the use of commenting on everything YOU find puzzling, absurd or queer in all the possible ways? I’m brought back to the prayer that says “Lord help me accept the things I can not change” and truth is, there are things we can’t change. Some of us have the habit of being free lance parrot-like reporters. We seem to have a problem with everything that goes on around us. My question is, is it ever that serious?

We need to come to an understanding that we are humans and not mechanized robots. You can’t expect everyone to behave like you. If we were to behave like robots, where would our identity be? I believe we all have an identity and its constituents are made up of persona and behavior. Would you rather have someone behave like an angel before you then later punish you like the truest of demon he or she is?

No one likes pretense and I don’t believe we should condone it either. So rather than appearing shocked every time someone displays his or her natural self which defers from what your logic of a reasonable or sane person is, accept that somewhere else in this world, there are a million people like him or her. I mean besides, what are you going to do? Kill them all? Good luck with that if you nodded yes to that.

The problem is, we spend so much time talking about ‘problems’ that are irrelevant and most of these are based on peoples persona and behavior. You can’t change a person’s identity, only he or she can do that. In effect, its a lost cause to even try it in the first place especially when you’re dealing with strong willed, hard headed people.

There are problems which demand the “ASAP” attention. Those problems are those whose solutions can effect your community, country or the world in a whole.

Golden Rule: People come and go, you live only once and once you’re gone, nothing else matters. So spend your energy on making a positive impact to the world. Leave your mark and let your legacy be a living memorial exemplary for generations precedent to follow.


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