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Words Of Inspiration (#231)

Its 10:47pm, the 5th day of December, 2013..its now dawning upon my conscience that the world has lost a son, a father, a hero, a visionary and most notably a freedom fighter; in the person of Nelson Mandela. The last time I felt almost to the point of crying for the death of anyone was my grandfather years ago and tonight the feeling in my heart resembles that of that incident.

How much are you willing to suffer to see others smile? What does selflessness mean to you? I ask this because while we live on earth, we may not recognize the lengths people around us go through to protect us. To fight for us knowing that deep down in their hearts, they’re paving the way for our betterment, our security and our future.

Take courage from the life of Madiba and ask yourself this, “what can I fight for the happiness of others?” “Can I take a moment to recognize that there are people who need a voice to urge them to speak freely, for their hope, their belief that they can be anything they there dare to dream?”

A hero is someone who places the needs of others before himself. He is selfless, he dares to dream and my God when he does, he fights even on his sick bed, not because he aims to seek recognition but because within his heart, in his soul is a flame that lights for peace. That flame is what urges him on and you can find that flame within you only if you let it reach out and speak to you.

So many of us need heroes in our lives, likewise we need to be heroes to others. It does not require a humongous effort, just a gentle but determined heart and a spurring voice. The overall result you should be looking at with this act or energy is making a difference to life of not just your own but others who at that particular point in time may need it more than ever (if they didn’t realize they needed it then).

The words that must be focused on today are “selflessness”, “fight”, “determination”. Be a hero or aspire to be one wherever you find yourself today or whoever you find yourself talking to. Remember that the person may not show that he or she is aching and he or she may have every reason not to but your words and acts can go a long way to healing what is already an aching soul.


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