Poetic State Of Mind

New Years Confession..

Father forgive me for I have sinned,
Father, who knew I could taste the forbidden
fruit from the cornerstone of a virgin?

She was served on a platter,
She cooked up the blood in my bladder,
She was a tease with the way she’d wear
those skirts 5inches above her knees,

Tie her hair behind her back,
Arching her back while she leaned over
to expose the godly architectural composition
of her rack,

I was blind to her age,
I was beamed to her face,
Her lips, her eyes, her thighs,
Father even you would have cried,

At the awe of this little one,
This brittle one,
but behind closed doors a feisty little
whore in raw form who needed not to be
spared the rod,

Father doesn’t the Bible say spare the rod
and spoil the child?
This is a confession but let’s not kid ourselves
she was a blessing,

She lifted me off my feet when my manhood
was in jeopardy,
In this modern century where Tonga is very
necessary I needed to clear the cobwebs in
my briefs,

Father let me be brief,
Kindly ask God if I may send in my “New Year,
New Me” application,
I want to start at fresh,
Find myself a hispanic, maybe a caucasian,

I’m tired of African girls Father,
All they know is wahala,
All they do is dry pockets and bitch
on each other,
Best friends creeping on each others

But this year must be a change,
Father if its only communion,
I’ll substitute Jack Daniels for the wine and
wafer all day,

I need to be saved,
My reset button needs a push,
I want to be born again,

But Father before anything,
I’m here to confess, that little one is pregnant
So I’m going to help her abort and give her the
last rod before I start at fresh okay?


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