Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#233)

Your best is yet to come. Somewhere right now, there’s someone who’s already given up, 7days into the new year and its not because their works aren’t up to scratch but they are short on confidence. They feel their best is all that they have given and they can’t give anymore than they already have in the past year.

Its easy to let yourself down in this regard but do you really need to? I’ve been in situations like this, where I’ve felt giving up was the antidote to escaping the tasks and challenges ahead of me. I however realized that however much I tried, those challenges were bound to follow me all the way through.

There’s much, so much we can give in; physically and mentally, but spiritually we have endurance to last as long as the breath God puts in us everyday lasts. Question is, how much of faith and belief do we have? Faith and belief to look beyond the challenge in its enormity and say “this too shall pass” or “I can overcome this problem”?

Our faith and belief is always questioned by those who have the same faith and belief in us that we have the potential and capability to rise like pelicans and soar above anything that life throws at us like eagles. Do you not feel like you’re letting them down? Most importantly, do you not feel like you’re letting yourself down when you give up easily?

Men and women go to war, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and fighting for the human rights of their country, not because its mandatory, but for the love. They want to see peace, they want their nations to excel, they belief their nation comes before their lives and those are fighters.
Those are the people who have faith and belief and even if there’s an element of doubt or fear, they quickly shut it out because at that present moment in time, the feat is all they can think about.

Pray, have faith and belief that you’re stronger than the problem, tougher than the challenge, and more resilient than just the fall. Whatever higher being or power you may believe in, let that be your guide and protection and know that nothing conceivable in the mind can not be achieved.


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