Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#234)

One of the greatest fears of man (or woman) is the thought of being not loved. It has more of a psychological effect than a physical effect but the former leads to the latter.

As human beings, we all need to be loved. We need someone by our side to tell us that its ok and to appreciate us and to have the need and feeling of being appreciated. Once we do not have that, we tend to think we’re alone in this world and nothing or no one exists. The ultimate end sometimes to this notion is to go down the suicidal path. A sad, but true story that we live with.

You need to understand that the basis of love starts with loving your Maker and Creator. The One who made you and brought you into this world. His love is the first and foremost kind of any love before we transcend the other kinds.

So before you criticize the world of not loving you, remember that He loved you so much to have created you and have a purpose for YOU. That He loves you enough for you to still be here when probably others around your age bracket have passed on is a sign of His belief and faith in you and as such you need to reciprocate the actions.

After realizing that first step of love, love yourself. Be able to say, I’m happy to be the person that I am, that I’m growing to be, that my Maker wants me to be. People forget that you can’t love others without loving yourself first and that’s the cardinal sin most of us make. How do you even accept the love of others when you have trust issues with yourself?

You don’t need to be someone you’re not to love yourself for you were created in the image of your Maker, that alone should tell you that, you were created in perfection before His eyes, but imperfection before all others.

Finally when you have been able to define and love yourself remember that love does not come always sweet. It comes sour but not because people want to be sour with you, but because more often than not the truth is sour and your loved ones are the only ones who’ll not be afraid to tell it as it in your face.

The main point of this is to tell you that they care and that you don’t need to be down certain roads depleting this precious gift of life you have. Isn’t it wonderful to have people love you in that sense? Some call it tough love, others call it, abusive but whichever way you see it as, the connotation behind it still remains.

So fear not today of not being loved, you are loved immensely by anyone and everyone associated with you positively. Accept that not everyone will and not everyone should love you. After all we live with imperfection in this world and the nature to agree and disagree makes the debate or argument of living even the more interesting if not wonderful.


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