Poetic State Of Mind


Silent whispers by her window

“Serwaah, Serwaah”

Brown skinned, brown eyes,
Glistening off the rays of
the sun, live and in color like
that of Newton’s prism,
And her soul adorned with so much

For days, these cat and mouse games
have nestled in our love domain,

Serwaah why do we keep Temple running
each other?
Why juggle these balls that secrete our
Why curse this blessing we both know we
aren’t worth sharing?

Maybe its wrong that we’re here,
I should probably leave you,
You should probably spit at me,
But what if out of spite love is rather
the light to help us escape this darkness
of madness that seems to capitulate our
feelings each time our heart beats?

Serwaah I won’t sweet talk your way into
understanding that I am meant for you
and vice versa cause I know your
emotionally diabetic,

The sharp piercing lies,
The choke hold ties of being strangled
over and over again by this love loop
that hangs over your head,
Waiting for you to jump in to your suicidal

Serwaah what’s next?

Serwaah, Serwaah look at me,
In these eyes lie a man who isn’t worth

Serwaah for all the pain that I’ve caused
to other women I deserve not to be here
but be there,
On a death chair, with my victims in
solidarity giving cheers,

I deserve to have my heart ripped out,
spat on, trampled on,
Battered and tossed in some sea
I admit Serwaah, I’m not perfect,
but life isn’t either, hence why it isn’t fair,

But for all the self slander,
All the self inflicting bashing and
I do, I do want to correct my wrongs,

I do want you on my arm,
Turn back the arms of the clock and
go back to the man that was free of
blemish and harm,

Can you hear me Serwaah?
Are your ears muted?

Serwaah I love you and I want the whole
world to know,
I’m prepared to lower down my ego,
My self esteem hasn’t beamed this much
since my 1st time at the age of

The little boy in me is jumping out in
full glory because Serwaah, in you I find
In you my heart rests,
I’m staring at you from this window and
all I see is an angel glowing in her
heavenly nest,
So Serwaah tell me, what’s next?

Honestly the rains can wait,
I need an answer today,
Knock me out of my misery or make me
the happiest man to date,

But before you say anything,
Let me punctuate my feelings in this

I sincerely do declare Serwaah,
To love you from this day onwards,

To hold you in high esteem because
you deserve to be shown off and treated
like the queen that you are,

I promise to rid off you these scars,
To last the distance and only distance will
keep us distant from expressing our love
in the flesh,

I’ll give you nothing but my best,
And even if my worst creeps in,
Serwaah let it creep, for what’s correction
without failure?
What’s forgiveness without sin?

These words I do declare Serwaah,
I lay my heart here bare for you,

Serwaah, over to you…


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