Suave 24/7 - 365

Words Of Inspiration (#236)

Free as the wind let your mind be free,

The opportunities are endless so be relentless in

your pursuit for success.. dare to dream,

Remember that not all 5 fingers on the hand are the

same so before you go out making complains, envying

your sisters love life or your brothers Range,

know that blessings are distributed evenly so your time

will come eventually, come what may,

The road may seem unbearable, life may strike you


But you’re here for a purpose, in the thick of it all lies

your crown,

Wisdom can teach you, pride can deflate you,

Wisdom will make you only if you don’t allow pride to

break you,

Friends will come and go, so don’t let hate strike your


Just let God and let go, true friends will acclimatize with

you through times of good and evil,

You are precious love, you are the symbol of love,

You are the epitome of purity, so continue to be..that angel

sent from above with gracious humility,

You are brave brother, your limit knows no boundaries,

You are destined to carry on the legacy of your

be determined to work through the pain barrier,

Be that bread winner, aspire to acquire that persona of a father


May your dreams come to life,

May you be strengthend in Allah and Christ,

May your flaws hold no dominion in your quest to seek perfection

as a way of life,

You are the light, He is the prism,

Glance off His energy and seek flying colors in attaining eternity

in His kingdom..



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