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Words Of Inspiration (#237)

I don’t take delight in the fall of others simply because I always like to keep that notion that “it could happen to anybody”. Yeah most of us would not like to admit that now but fact of the matter is setbacks are all part of life’s forte and the sooner we realize that we’re all in this struggle the better.

What is unity? How do you define a united alliance? I ask this because its sad to see that some of us, rather than looking to help out our fellow brothers and sisters in times of difficulty, we choose to troll and make mockery of them. For what reason though?

Humanity has lost its values and gone are the days when you could share your problems with people knowing in hindsight that they would be at least able to give you words of encouragement if they could not help you physically.

These days people look at your struggle and use it as means to laugh a minute without considering emotions and how much to a degree that struggle is. Sometimes I ask myself how did we get here? Is it the present day world we’re living in or did we wake up one morning and inject ourselves with a dose of ignorance / nonchalance?

Have you for a second given ample thought that this could have been or be you? A brilliant and talented individual suffers a setback. Naturally your initial thought is, well this should not be a spot of bother to the individual because he or she has the skill to rise above it, right?

WRONG! That individual like everyone else on this God given green earth is human and prone to error irrespective of it being the odd or regular one. The point is we need to be sensitive of each and every one of our struggles.

You can choose to read this, sit back and make rebuttals like “its never that deep or serious”. Of course its never that until you’ve found yourself in a situation similar or worse and also find yourself looking for leap of faith from somewhere to come lift you out of it.

In a village where there’s unity, where there’s togetherness, there’s not only understanding, but a sense of belonging because everyone in there is aware that progress can only made by being sensitive to each others problems and struggles. Most importantly, helping each other to overcome those struggles.

There’s nothing positive to gain about ridiculing another mans struggle and life as we know it has it ways of making us regretful of our present actions. So take a moment to assess the situation you find yourself in.

Be humble and thankful for the good place you find yourself in. However in the process of doing that spare a thought for those who are unfortunate to find themselves in ruts and provide some sort of assistance whichever way you can.

You don’t only have the chance to change the life of someone but also enrich yourself with blessings beyond your comprehension.


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