Poetic State Of Mind

Words Of Inspiration (#238)

What does love mean to you? Let me narrow this down, if you were to quantify love in your own value, how much would you say you rate it?

I ask this because the concept seems somewhat more misplaced in this current generation. I wonder why people fall in love to abusive people and then come out comfortably to say “I love him” in public, really who are you kidding?

Yes love is beautiful, yes its a rare feeling of goodness but is it worth being battered and bruised physically and mentally? Where’s the logic? Females these days mostly have the clichĂ© of “no good guys out there”. Yes we know where this stems down from but perhaps rather than damning the situation, give yourself some magnitude of hope.

We as humans don’t give ourselves enough credit but we’ll rather beam up our errors and navigate the blame to ourselves for falling for whoever it is thats left us broken. Do you appreciate the efforts you put in loving someone?

Does or did the person appreciate the efforts you put in? A person who does won’t ever take you for granted. That person won’t even in his or even her wildest dreams think let alone actually abuse you.

There’s a level of respect and dignity you must have, likewise there’s a level of respect we all have to show to each other. That level of respect is broken when abuses be it physical or mental come into play.

Love is a two way street, if one side keeps doing all the right things and making all the right moves alone, there isn’t going to be a balance and the connection is certain to collapse.

It doesn’t matter how much of a great person the person was in the beginning, you need to remember that you have standards and deserve the utmost respect. Don’t sell yourself short.

Its great to love and love wholeheartedly, at the end of the day you’re being honest about yourself and you can always look back and say “I poured it all in, I was honest and genuine about what we were in, its their loss” and yes it is.

That’s the beauty of honesty, it doesn’t matter how wrong you may look or how much people belittle you, the fact that you give an honest effort and evaluation of yourself means that nothing contrary to the point matters.

Your happiness is one of your priceless assets, don’t just throw it away. Again I ask you, what does love mean to you?


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