Poetic State Of Mind


I’m in love with who I’m becoming,
Responsibilities and pedigree all resting on
my shoulders and knees,
Can my joints hold on? Please.. Spare the dramatic sympathy,
For if were not for prayers and mammoth whispers where would I be?
Maybe a uni dropout dropping heroin instead
of finding me a heroine for my sons and daughters,
I chose to be wise, not foolish,
They said it was a tall order but my mood is bullish,
Polished manners from the school of humility and grace,
And yet some fail to comprehend why I’m showered with abundant drops of grace?
I’m blessed to be here, to be clear, I’m blessed to declare the Lord has always been here,
In my heart, my soul, my sole when my feet froze on the concrete,
I stood alone,
That was then, this is now, I still stand alone,
No man has the right to judge me if he hasn’t judged his own scars,
We’re driving in different cars but headed for the same direction,
Yours maybe fast, mine maybe slow,
In the end its never about the quickest, rather who drove safely to the end of the road,
I may not understand why life is what it is,
Or understand why my life is the greatest gift,
But I’ll tell you this,
I’m in love with who I’m becoming,
I’m grateful for the mercies that He splurges on me and with no price to pay..I’ll forever continue to embrace His loving..


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