Poetic State Of Mind


Last night she woke up from a nightmare,
Soaked in tears, her sunny days were like
coffee wrinkled, depression hidden in 3 words
“I am fine”,

Goes through the same routine everyday,
Hair tied in a ponytail, says her grace,
Stares at the window questioning if earth really is her place,

She’s from a lineage of beautiful women,
Beautiful confident women,
The type you just don’t step up to and try to mack your way through like you’re a Joe Cool,

She’s a goddess clothed in an aura of simplicity and
perfect imperfection,
Her goals are defined by her desire to make a difference,
She’s clouded with so much affection but yet..her soul lingers constantly in rejection,

Seeking love from the barrel of a bottomless pit,
She feels let down by the many who she invited prior to her
recent hit,

She seeks love, she seeks protection,
God is her protector for all types of weather, but something
about this storm makes her wonder whether she’ll ever have
her sunshine altogether?

She deserves better and she knows it truly,
Playing in the wrong league…messing with G’s instead of Gentlemen who are certified with “treating women like
queens” degrees,

She deserves better really,
She blames her addiction for bad boys and whips on her
silly taste for the wild side,
Dancing with beasts who disregard beautys as beings and woud
rather treat them like bots of some puppet like prototype,

Let the pain go,
Let go,
Cries of everyone sending pleas across but her satellitle fails
to transmit the messages to her ego,

She woke up from a nightmare yesterday hoping her knight in shining
armour comes to whisk her away,
But the knight has always been there…only with her door shut and tightly
locked in his face..

Spending time searching for love with costly mistakes,
She waits…but will it be too little too late?


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