Poetic State Of Mind


Questions with no answers,
Conundrums of life, like wheres the cure
for the mental cancer?

Giving up or submitting to the same system that has you stressing,
System that has you in depression,
Pressing, the ESC key in your head but the fact is this virus has corrupted your memory registry,

Blinded in color…so everything to you is in black and white,
Like a cat that lacks a focal prism, you fail to see what lies ahead..you ineptly lack foresight,

Its the reason you see nothing wrong with bribary,
My paddy roger me..in the middle of the night when my pocket is light, extortion an example of a constable practicing his law enforcing rights,

So you tell me what’s wrong from right?

Who’s responsible for the missing plane?
Boeings and Malaysian airports,
Politically influenced, all a gimmick for political power influence,
A man boards a flight to see his daughter before going to shoot his biggest movie yet,
Yet he becomes a pawn sacrificed in this game of political chess,

Pain felt within the decibels of a woman whose only pride and joy never got back home with his family,
Disparity between the facts, these families are paying the price for what currently goes on in this world that’s become a dark twisted fantasy,

Abortions and drug Lords,
Prostitution across South American shores,
Bombs on Lagos bus stops,
Lord please hold back Your back your son,
Or quickly come and claim these anomalies
with bruised egos and evil plots,

We’re building subplots of tragedies,
Rather than shaping dynasties,
We seek longevity but constantly put our lives in jeopardy,

Genocides and suicides, we all die,
Who then remains?
Who buries the remains of what should have been our children’s children’s tower of hope?
As they seek to release this pressure that suffocates their future, who remains to wash them before they wash themselves with grams of coke?

Its funny, isn’t it?
We should all laugh as we go down in hell,
Seeking forgiveness from a sinful well,
What the hell?
The Owner knows you very well, you can’t buy your way out of judgment, not even bargain your sentence, your sympathetic plea just won’t sell,

The thin lines and finer margins,
Thick cuts and lacerated thoughts,
Pessimistically groping the optimist,
We see failure before we even lift our gloved fists,

Nights of tossing and turning,
While debts churn in your belly but in reality your profits are burning,
And the government can’t save you,
Like drooling pit bulls they can’t wait to savour you,

Chew you out like the cud that you are and the ruminants that they depict,
Nibble you once again as you go to the polls to make your pick and flick you out of their teeth like a piece of meat with their promise and fail toothpick,

Questions with no answers,
Conundrums of life, like whose life is this anyway?
I hope to embrace the sunny days some day rather than be battered with terrential rain,

Time and time again, look honestly i just cant take it anymore,
You’re tripping and glitching, sending my navigates off course,

This marriage between me and you is rife,
I demand a divorce,
Death is my new wife…Lord ordain this blessing as I jump off this last floor…


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