Poetic State Of Mind

Love Don’t Live Here…

Food for thought,
Stuffed with lies and pains,
Soon my brain remains will be diced
vegetables used in Chow mein,

Blade cutting actions of last week repetitive
yesterday and today,
Its like there’s no pleasing you,
You’re seeking perfection from heaven while
your soul wallows in ignorance’s pool,

Blunt answers to sharp and straightforward
Are you in? Are you not? Always playing the game of second guessing,

I am neither a god nor psychic,
If you’re always going to punch holes in these
walls that we seek to build then you can
just kick it,

I’m indifferent to the game,
No more crawling at anyone’s mercies,
I stand alone, I walk tall,
I don’t need the sympathies and “one day..e go b’s”,

The “you’re not searching in the right places”,
I’m done searching and attaining only pretty faces,
Where are your souls?

I was told by men and women long ago that if you loved someone, let them go..
And if they’re meant to be yours they would
come running back,
These men lied, these women never come back,

Rather they keep running into the arms of villains,
Playing with your feelings but being played
They’re lives are theoretically based on déjà vu’s,

Why should I give you my all?
Why should I catch your fall when you seem
bent on not connecting with us after we pour out our thoughts?

Fussing and fighting,
Bickering and biting,
Silent wars between secret lovers and friends,
“Friendship is gold so love will only corrode this chemistry”,  so love will be our end?

Maybe we deserve what we get,
Maybe we’re all the same, mentally inclined and in a straitjacket,

If I had one wish, Eve would have just told the serpent to take the piss,
Dismiss his hiss with a kiss of her teeth so we could live sincerely rather than sinfully,

I took this trip away from you to clear the air,
As I recline back on this rocking chair reflecting over these past few years, let’s be clear,



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