Poetic State Of Mind


I woke up today and smiled at the sun,
It smiled back at me, it became my serenity,
For the past years in my life everyday has been like this,
For the past couple of years, my life has been full of bliss,

As I waved back to my mother, who knew what laid ahead of me?
Or what the day would become,
From blacking out within a blink of an eye to waking up in a ditch surrounded by guns,

I’m scared, hungry, distressed,
To what Lord do we deserve this mess?
I miss home, all I wish is to ran into the arms of my mother,
All I’ve ever wanted to be is her seed that blossomed into a flower and not a bother,

All I ever wanted was to grow old and repay her for all the faith she had in me,
To be the best that I can be,
Dreams withering away like the petals of a daisy,

Why I am a victim of a political chess war I may never know,
But Lord if it is your will for me to come to my eternal home,  then let me die in this cold,

I never asked for pain,
None of my sisters here asked to be slaves,
All we asked for was freedom to live and enjoy shelter, warmth and access to good education..

I woke up today and smiled at the sun,
It smiled back and I knew good things were to come,
Our future lies presently in the hands of these men misguided by leadership and greed,
Lord if you’re listening..please… LET YOUR WILL BE DONE!!!

….Imagine this and many more thoughts going through the head of these girls who woke up on what was to be any normal day seeking to achieve their dreams but yet ending up being abducted by a terrorist group..imagine what they’re going through…they could be your blood sisters or even your daughters.. They shouldn’t have to go through this..pray for their safety #BringBackOurGirls 



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