Poetic State Of Mind

Boiling Point…

I created a monster, an enemy to my progress,
A recipe to my demise I created you,
In search of something deep, wondering if there was an ounce of care or remorse to the pain and damage you caused I sought to breed a thorn flower out of my seed,

And here you are,
Basked in all your glory,
Fueled by hatred, destruction,
A combustion of feelings made you into a droid, you feel..nothing,

So this is your task? This is your goal?
To ruin me and the lives of others at a go,
tell me where the logic is at though?

You’re seeking peace but plotting carnage,
Repetitive strikes on those you call your family and you stare at the mirror and grin cynically?

Oh My God…what have I done?
What is this that I’ve made,
Who is this machine that I’ve let loose,
A walking grenade,
Waiting to self destruct on each and every one in the way,

All because of..because of one pain,
One mistake,
One ridiculous, naïve and silly decision,
I was supposed to mend hearts but now I’m all about heavy lacerations and incisions,

Worst of all…my soul is missing,
I’ve become a cancer to love, peace, and coalition,

Thinking I could dig deep within myself and rip out the root of my heart aches that rebound off  my chest with echoes synonymous to 808s,

I’m hanging onto my life and everything beautiful in it by a thread,
I don’t want to let go,
But I can’t say no if this beast within me trips…again,

And this time I guarantee you no one would be safe,
None of you sitting here will escape,
As our eyes meet, you will know your fate,
You will feel my scorn and fury,
You will feel what it feels to be trapped in misery,

None of you deserve happiness,
Not as long as I live…for as long as movement continues to linger within my lungs and limbs,
All of you made me this way,
Pity and grief shall be your slayer come what may,

And I will rule the day, rue the day I gave life to this monster I created…paranoia don’t send me to my grave..I pray


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