Poetic State Of Mind

Ode To You…

The floor lies open for this last dance,
As I..take your hand I’m reminded that this may be the only chance to 
embrace you like never before,

We built towers of memories, you were that adrenalin that kept pushing me
in times that seemed like life threw needles at my feet,

I’m blessed to have reached here with you and what the future holds I
may not know,
Wishfully thinking we could let this seed we planted, gracefully grow,
Blossom into a flower of trust, symbolize a union focused on commitment
not lust,


I apologize if I’m in a rush,
I’m thinking a future while we’re still in the present, 
Forgive me for my recklessness, let me give you your due reverence,

You’re such an amazing woman,
Not perfect but heck who the else is…we’re all guilty but we shine
through our imperfections,

The hardest part of today is to watch you remain anonymous in terms of
how you feel,
What are you thinking? Will these feelings ever lose their seal?
Undeniably you’re amazingly a goddess to die for,
I’ve cried for, but not more than I did when I met you off the
Cape shores,

That smile contouring and lighting up your face,
Lightning up a place of gloom, all doom being replaced and I’m 23ft
over the moon,

I paused..in shock…brain froze, body locked,
Rocked hard but in a nice way..love hurts they say and at first sight
I was blind to the reality that I was just a young man searching for
more than just chit chats, laughs and foreplay,

What you bring to the table is a vibe that reads less complex from a 
colorful source,
Vogue in beauty, style in essence,
Your presence is a sight to behold and I dare dream to be the man who 
beholds this beauty,

You make me..be…the man in this present light of what my past relationships
failed to see,
You do not complete me..but you fill every significant pore that allows 
negativity to sieve through,
Be with you or leave with you, let’s elope to a place where the sand is 
like gold dust with crusts on our soles and the water is clear blue,

Let’s redefine what love is,
Paint a picture in motion,
Seek to capture blissfully our emotions in a formula that would forever 
go down in history as loves greatest chemistry,

Never afraid to have a laugh nor shed a tear,
Never afraid to lean on when in fear,
My outlook to life is all about facing adversity by confidence and I 
found that energy once yours appeared here,

Truthfully speaking I may not be worthy of you,
You should never have to feel the same though,
Though you may speak of your past sorrows and riff raffs you opened to 
your soul to,
Every hurt is a learning curb, we face these no matter how tall they may be,
Tip toe on our feets so that we can grow righting those wrongs indefinitely,

I met you on a Friday evening on the 5th day of May,
A week today I’m on a bus to Accra thinking about what could have,
what should have and yet what may,

The realest women I ever met..all bare your name,
It’s funny how coincidently you all hail from the same Fante domain,

You are the homie, her reflection, her smile, everyone’s but more
especially my blessing,

When all along I’d been living a lie it is along those Cape shores where I 
found truth,
If I wasn’t thankful to God then, I am now,
Thankful..yet humble…incredibly lucky..that I found you…


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