Poetic State Of Mind

Rippled Beneath The Veil…

As Frema walked down the isle, she wondered if this was love by faith or love by fate to prevent any family disgrace,

She had longed been seeking for her muse,
A dark version of Leonardo Di Caprio with a swagger of Channing Tatum,

She was a 25 year old graduate who had been forced into believing that arranged marriage was her only passport to heaven.

How the angels wept at the sight of her nights flooded with deep thoughts and trickling tears,

How when her friends boast of their dark in shiny armour, beau kum mi amor, diamond in a rough and she finds it tough to even throw up a smile, because down deep inside, she’s hurting.

The event log of her past relationships can be summed up with wholesale of adjectives. The cunning, the sweet, the loving, the unique. Many more could be said but within all these men lied a family that was never keen on accepting bread that wasn’t baked by them.

Frema stood right there with flashbacks of what could, what should and what would have been a life envious of any dream any girl would relish to be in.

She wasn’t filled with hatred, just regret when ex number 3 proposed they elope to somewhere they could conceive, be united and cut off ties and branch from her family tree.

In hindsight maybe she should have listened and paid attention more, than to walk down these shores gracefully and putting up smiles that were being weighed down with sores as a result of her emotional burns.

Bare the cross, an uncle whispered amidst the confusion that simmered within her brain,
She cut a figure of a damsel in distress, a rose being trampled upon again and again,

The man she was set to be fed to was a pompous old Joe, who described himself as God’s gift to women. A real prick in that respect if you believe all the women he’s wrestled in his nest.

Majority within the congregation found it really puzzling that a man of his nature was being given a girl of Fremas quality. Like fire and water, this union had the makings of a disastrous end and the jury felt this was an unfair treatment to this beauty heaven sent.

The sermon didn’t help matters neither, as the preacher went on about how humans should see beyond the imperfections of each other.

The longer the sermon dragged, the deeper the flashbacks were. Her body was present, but her mind was still trying to come to terms with how she had ended up there.

In time she had covered the length of her whole 25yrs and her tears were beginning to have a knock down effect to her senses. She was beginning to accept her fate and was ready to let go of her fears.

As the vows were being read, a strain could be felt within Fremas voice. An unusual tone to which church members and the congregation were accustomed to. She hesitated with every two words she spoke and at one point almost choked on the piece which she alone had written.

Then came the time everyone had been anticipating for. The church bells rang once and as they looked each other in the eye, Frema winced at her husband to be as he sported a look of a predator waiting on the green light to feast on his prey.

There was a chill in the sanctuary, an unexpected feeling, almost of resentment to the day from one side of the room. If anyone had the opportunity to stir a pot of travesty, now would be the given time.

“…in sickness and health, till death do you..” NO!
Silence broke..her silence broken and like a bolt from the blue finally Frema had mastered the courage to speak.

I stand here, a victim, a slave to be given away without my feelings being considered. I refuse to be treated this way. 25 years I’ve caused you mother and father, no pain. I’ve loved and let go, listened even when the truth at some point of your excuse was always missing. I’ve been your pet but here, here is where I tear off the leash. Here is where I draw the line, I won’t be sacrificed to this beast just to satisfy your status quo. You raised me to be obedient but I learned on my own to be reselient and resistant. Stand for what my heart believed in and this is against my religion. I’m not sorry for today, I am sorry for being your slave. Come what may I’ll follow my heart and be blessed with a man who will put love before anything 1st.

Away she ran, tossing her veil to the ground, her mascara disturbed and splattered all over her cheeks but feeling a lot more relieved. She had conquered what many young girls are afraid to stand toe to toe with today. She fought for her hearts freedom.

Five (5) years down today, Frema is now happily married with the man who completes her within. They have 2 lovely girls and are expecting a 3rd. 


2 thoughts on “Rippled Beneath The Veil…

  1. Lovely piece…I pray this is just fiction, else I’d assume you are the “Joe” of this story. Nice one again Captain!!

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