Poetic State Of Mind



What I said didn’t matter,
How you left when you said
“It was nothing but just plain o sex”
“Fuck your feelings self”


Yesterday omw home sitting through
that Tetteh Quarshie traffic,
Graphic like images appealing my senses
Like “I can’t wait to put the paws on..”


Man to hell with yesterday,

Because as far as I know yesterday
Was the tramp that slept in the same bed with me,
She saw herself worthless so she came and left for free,
Like why am I even tripping over a girl who goes by the name of Charity,

Yesterday I met EVA and I was left breathless by their sexually coated intellect,
The finesse with the way they kept tapping that R1 button and scoring verse by verse,

And I thought MsBRedd was my greatest gorgeous curse yet,

Yesterday I wrote this piece in search of who I am,
Who I once was,
Why I struggled with beautifully created women who’d rather not consider me their lover but brethren,

I keep fighting a lost cause,

Light skinned she said but chocolate dipped in whip cream is still chocolate so your knuckles and knees show me that you’re a coward within ,

Oh yesterday, yesterday I sought to drink my
life away,
Broken dreams and promises that I thought bore my name,
Echoeing like church bells, wizardry and witchcraft spells,
I spend days yelling these are reasons for not owning a Le Boo,

But the only man I can blame is myself,

I had a dream that the cedi had depriciated,
A bottle of coke was about increasing to two CEDI’s,
Mahama was still president and Robin Williams committed suicide out of misery,
Lord let this be a harmless dream,

Apparently I was too late to reshoot the scene,

Too late to have saved the Malaysian plane,
Too late to have curbed Ebola before it became a household name,
Too late to have pulled out of a girl whose womb had been an abatoir for seeds to be slain,
Too late for these weightless refrains,

And with no one but myself I ask,
Is life worth risking itself?
Going through the system and the mill,
Popping pills and potions just to get a feel
of a minage et trois heures of continuous

Weakening your limbs and libidos,
5yrs from now your honeymoon marathon will be a false start when you’re on your marks, getting set and stopping at Go,

Yesterday I found imperfection,
I found your curves and whiles this may sound like an extract from John Legend please know that your body was originally an object of lustful but sheer joy of my affection,

Funny how I sit here thinking about my infidelities when I should be finding remedies,

Like finding a cure for aids or a common ground for whitely dominated markets to accept black people for their industrious and hardworking pedigrees,

Or saving lives with a random act of courtesy,

Like thinking outside the box and boxing a case full of love to a widow who lives down the street with a shattered heart and stares at curtain drawn windows,

Or better still capturing mental stills of peaceful coexistence and praying for intervention between groups in Israel,

Yesterday..I feel as though was a waste of my time and damage to my ego,
I kissed the earth but narrowly missed death,
I paid the price for constantly reflecting on what was meant to be just history,
I was like any other junkie with misplaced priorities,

Its only 11:59pm…there’s hope for tomorrow..


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