Poetic State Of Mind

Your Calling…

These words tempting,
These words testing,
Areolas attentively focused on the setting,
Limbs spread out west and east,
I’m legally bound to this invitation to treat,
She’s up to her old tricks but I’m here to treat,
She wants to live but adwenfi’s got me wanting to lay btn her lips a memorial wreath,
I’m looking forward to wrestling her in my nest,
Pinning contest, see who goes under first,
Let me mark my territories,
From north of her temple to shrine down south,
Mapping out my coordinates to coordinate with my compass needle before it designates to its starting point,
Meet me at the center, let’s start slow,
Fasten your seatbelt, unfasten that insecurity belt though,
That’s what its made for,
Let me usher in that sweet euphoria after we sail against these treacherous winds,
Down pours, soiled floors,
Yes we’ve been down here before,
But not like this,
Your unorthodox approach, come sit on my throne,
Feel the weight of my passion, my power, my dome,
Reach for the skies as I summon the gods to breathe within you from beneath my blood, sweat and tears,
My victories, my fear,
My pain, my joy, let the gods thrust your soul and be of one mind, heart and soul,
Let me save you from the slaved you..



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