Poetic State Of Mind

Au Naturalé…

Simplistic she is,
Scratched from the finest of stones she bares a skin tone that visually depicts peace,

She was built this way,

Unprocessed, she’s of one with the earth,
She doesn’t need Mary Kay to show her how aesthetically appealing she can be because in reality, she glows indefinitely like a precious rock cracked out of its core,

I ask this today, what does being superficial mean to you?
Yes you are beautiful, yes there are many things I could do to you but what lies beyond the surface, what’s beneath your beautiful?

Why hide it?
Why hide the only true evidence of your existence I mean..why turn Ama into a Kim Kardashian?

I’m in love with her flaws,
Her black spots,
Her mildly glossed lips,
Never has art been created with such rawness but yet with such solidity,

I’m not against enhancing what’s already there,
I’m against the 60-40 treatment, its not fair,
Shea your true you, bear bare in full glare…



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