Poetic State Of Mind

Black Love…

That black love, we want that.
I want that too so why are we waiting? Why are we stagnant, chill you said, Frozen in time whiles the earth orbits past us. “You’re too good to be true” you said,

Too fucking cute,
Why are you blushing?
Because I called you cute?
But you are,
You are loveable cute,
Cuddling all day and all night under warm duvets cute,
Breathtakingly cute,
Cute to a degree infinite becomes a weightless word to define its intensity,

I know you may not agree,
I know you’re thinking “he wants to lyrically coax me into giving in so he can devour me like all the other beasts that have before”
And I don’t blame you but let me ask you
Have I ever lied to you?

Don’t I always flood you with affection because you’re such a perfect blessing?
Crossing out my imperfection like the intersection where x and y meet on the axis of a graph of love whose gradient increases with each passing day

I want that Martin and Coretta story,
That story of fighting for a rightful cause, hope and passion, love conquers it all in majestic fashion,
I want us to be the new definition of what black should be,
Off gods and girls, if I am king then be my queen Aphrodite,

Let’s transgress the powers that may be, the cultures that forbid we to elope and be unified without customary ties and duties,

In the famous words said by whoever fuck the world let’s ride or die,
Multiply and give reverence to the Most High.. That black love..



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