Poetic State Of Mind


She’s coming they said,
Wait patiently,
Like the man who stood in a -10 degrees snowy weather on that cold Saturday night in London,
I sat here wondering,
Will she?
As time elapsed I realized that I wasn’t meant for this,
This affection and romancing shit,
They were just blurs to navigate me off my life goals,

For years I’ve been stuck in limbo,
I could have been the best damn professional in my field yet here I was,
Searching for what I wasn’t supposed to have,
Trying to be the best person for people that clearly never wanted me in their family tree,

I’m not ashamed but maybe I should be,
Maybe I should have been more wise,
Be that kid who was only into video games, sports and comic movies,

Truly I gave my all,
I sacrificed my soul and maybe I should have listened when God asked why I was being careless though,

But times change,
I’m changed too,
I tried and gave it my best shot,
I became the biggest fool,

Lessons learned and now with my back turned
I’m saying good bye to love,
You were my joy, my pain, my teacher, my cane,
I’d liked to wait a bit more, I’d loved to believe you really had something in store,

But i can no longer endure,
I’m certain that this wait is a farce to sink me lower than I have ever felt before,

Au revoir love..I’m not worth to be in your circle..I don’t want your shit anymore.. I’m done..



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