Poetic State Of Mind


In 140 characters let me be brief,
Let me not start beef before you catch feelings off my tweets and bring it to the streets,

In 140 characters let me self proclaim myself the love doctor hashtag sexpert, hashtag vaginal engineer hashtag Toto mechanic,

Let me share with you my music tastes,
I’m listening to Worst Behavior by Drake bae how about I DM you so we talk about you sending me nudes, emoji: winking face,

How about we exchange point of views, ECG and Mahama are two peas in a pod, Man United blast and hasn’t Yvonne Nelson still realized that bleaching ain’t cool?

140 characters of rap, bars so sweet as I move to you,
In my mind I just want to put but why are you on a long tin boo?
Its a simple case of us having a brief conversation, hash tags and emojis in moderation straight from WhatsApp to your residential location,

Tweet tweet,
Beep beep, lights flick let’s see?
Messi trending in 7 countries,
Thirsty guys drooling over Riri’s avi,

Subliminal missiles flying across network ports,
You said he said but she said that and a bunch of toss,
@ me if you aren’t scared to cross my path,

140 characters with the aid of a qwerty keyboard and suddenly you like you’re the boss,
Mr, Mrs too tough hashtag you go see your sorrmi hashtag you figga say you get moff,

A million, no billion, trillion and gazillion messages in a day, from Dansoman Last Stop to some little corner in Bombay,
140 characters we speak, quote, and translate,
So hello ladies and gentlemen,
What’s on your mind today?



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