Poetic State Of Mind


Rarely do I succumb to defeat,
But when defeat is honorable what else can a man do but..be humble,
Humbled I was 3yrs ago when my world came crashing and I was left in limbo,
Wandering on Gods green earth seeking answers to the obvious,
Where to from here?
What’s left for me to hold onto?

My passions and desires shredded and diminished to debris,
The immortal remains of what used to be my soul spread into the sea of acceptance,
I have accepted my fate but I am neither regretful nor ashamed,
For the theory and concept remains vividly in my cerebral domain,

The joy of having to see two people passionately in perfect harmonic unison still beholds a sight worth to see,
Sounds like a ballad from Paul and Stevie,
Or when two people look deeply into each others eyes and say I got you babe,
Damn that feeling, Sonny and Cher prophesized  it exactly,

I won’t be the one to sit and sulk,
No I will write in bulk about the great feeling,
The grave healing,
The shut up and lip wrestle me while we uncontrollably clinger onto each other endlessly,

Ah yes,
That feeling that has you doing the most when no ones around,
Same feeling that beats you constantly but you cant afford to give in because somewhere within these beatings there is a consolable voice that tells you its all in the name of that same feeling,

It is beautiful but no I don’t deserve it,
But you do and that’s why I will keep writing about it to inspire you,
Inspire you to spread your wings and feel touched,
Feel like there is no better feeling on earth than that which gives your heart an extra life support,

Perhaps its for the best that I rest knowing that I gave up on love to write about love,
After all love is beautiful, especially when its ordained from up above….


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