Poetic State Of Mind

A Moments Notice…

It was yesterday..I painted a picture,
My fingers numb as I struggled to hold the grip of the brush with my thumb…it was you,
It was you that I dreamt of having my kids with,
And no I won’t jump to conclusions and assume that you’re going to be a fool and fall my poetic interludes,
You deserve a whole lot more than a mere interlude, you deserve a song that will lift you,
A 3minute melody with just the right amount of bass and heavenly vocals that will change your belief like when Muhammad Ali caused the death of Cassius Clay and laid upon him a name change wreath,

So what is it that you need,
I just want what’s best for you and no amount of trey can carry this burden of yours I seek to carry on my plate,
I just want you, I want us…



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