Poetic State Of Mind

The One…

You should be the only one,
The only one I talk to,
Whether rain or on a sunny day,
You should be the only one that the thunder I bring cause you to rain,

I want to love you in so many ways,
The God way, you should be the only I get down on my knees to pray with,
I want to seek heaven in your heart, feel its joy in your soul,
I want to be the reason you find serenity and your heart glows like a rainbow,

I want to be your puppet..naah scratch that, your teddy bear,
I may not be huge nor with fur, fair enough but let it be known that these wings will forever shield and comfort you when in fear or despair,

When I kiss you…(long pause)
I want it to feel like the very first time you were told how beautiful you look,
Like the very first time you found love, the joy,
elation reverberating and vibrating through every little nook and cranny of your temple,
Like the very first time you opened your eyes to this world and became one with everything that defined its beauty,
Like the very first time when you did not fret but trembled at the sight and feel of a man pleasuring your innocence,
That feeling..exactly that,
I should be the one to rubber stamp that fact,

You know what forget these words,
Forget this poet,
But love me..for what and who I am,
For the chubby cheeks and adorable smile that I own,
If words are all I have to offer then you deserve better..

Naah scratch that..you deserve the best that’s why today I’m on my knees,
Begging you please please..let me be the one,
To tell you first that you’re the most incredible unfinished article yet,
To braid your hair even if I don’t know how, I am willing and not ashamed to learn,
To cook for you on any regular day because my queen deserves to be pampered in every special way,
To lead you to the altar, cherish the moment you and I stand before the world and commit our souls to each other,

I love you..I love you
Enough said, love are you ready and willing to put me to the test?


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