Poetic State Of Mind

Monochrome In The Detail…

Jab, bob, weave, hook
Left to right positions,
Beat you into a bloody pulp,
Because my pride is strong,
My black is so on,

Such fierceness in my skin,
I pray these demons test my capacitor,
See if my ego don’t blow,
My black is way deeper than your thought
provoking soul,

My black weighs heavier than your gold,
Such sophistication with these black soles,
No shoes, no socks, just bare feet freezing on hot coal,

My black is an art,
The canvas humbles before the Maker who made me in a hue of immense intensity and named it amazing,
When still you could feel the vibrations of my black aesthetically appealing to your thoughts,
The roots of my nature are echoed by my black thought,

My black don’t shine but it will most definitely leave you blind,
Corrupting your mindset you will stay drawing blanks figuring what to do with this math set,

Its the energy, the passion,
The power to believe that my black epitomizes my royalty,
My natives see the blood that flows within me,
My black is boiled so when it pours, pardon me for aggressively stating the obvious,

My black is poisonous, so don’t test me,
Don’t perceive this piece as a battle of ethnicity because in reality my black king owns your white knight,

I own this seat, so my black says,
So when you walk up to me anywhere know that Rosa raised me to always sit my black ass on either bus, train or plane,
Free is what my black is,
So on that night of March 6th 1957, respect that we gave reverence to my blacks power,

My black is love,
Red roses and all but no symbol is greater than my black when it speaks the language of love like “baby tonight I want you embrace what is yours, own it and shower my black skin head with torrential down pours”,


My black is still uniquely hardest to the core,
No offense but don’t be crossed like a case of strabismus,

The potency lies in my skin,
The fire burns within,
We are the diamonds, you me, her and them,
We were carved out with precision and reflect out our truest color like a prism,

Monochrome in the detail, mind, body, soul and heart,
Been swagging out since ’88, even when my hair dyes out, I’ll forever trend my black!



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