Poetic State Of Mind


I smell blood, I have the bits between my teeth, the hunger to succeed is unsurmountable, I dare you to topple my ego off its peak, you see the leader never goes to sleep, never yawns, never gives in, tailor made to win so if my DNA is designed with a tainted fabric then my blood is stained with sin,

I seek glory, all of it…the power to rule my doubters, silence my critics, the power to be great not just in mind, but in spirit. I will rip into these fleshes of mediocrity, scar these faces of adversity, I will not capitulate under no circumstances to the detriment of the kingdom I desire to attain, my fences are firewalled so there are no access routes to my domain, and if pain is the only barrier between success and failure then put me in the line of fire for I am ready to risk it all through the wire,

I know no limits, my sky has never had one, when push comes to shove I will scrape through broken glasses and hard gravel till I am the last one,
The last soul, blowman ‘bewu’ last show, the journey didn’t just begin, I’m primed for the kill and when I get a taste of that blood, that rush of adrenalin, I will leave no limbs nor lungs functioning..I will stamp my authority, leave an indelible mark..for I am KING!



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