Poetic State Of Mind


Sometimes I love her,
Sometimes I love her not,
She’s full of energy,
Full of fresh air, she’s the breeze I inhale in,
And when I do,
She’s settles down right here,
In my heart,

I’m accustomed to her every move, her every thoughts,
When she’s lost I can feel it,
We’re telepathically inclined and I never want to let her go,

She strucks my ego like the 4th string of a bass guitar,
Low low we go as we touch the love below,
But in all this,
She can be a bitch,

Sometimes I want to pull out my rib,
The one God denied me of,
Fix it back into my cage and be once again the perfect specimen thereof,

She can be the most naive person on earth,
God I hate her,
Why did you bring her next to me?
I curse this day that she…wait,
But she’s the best I’ve seen,

She’s outstanding, wasn’t born to fit in so while others twerk their way to recognition she comes off as a being with no ambition,
If only you had her vision,

A breed of Mother Theresa and Rosa Parks,
She reminds me of a young Maya Angelou the way she rhythmically soothes souls with her sole lifting quotes,

Don’t get me wrong she isn’t the perfect item yet,
She’s a temple of unique substance still being moulded and designed by the grand Architect,
She brings out the best in me, I’m devoted to her immensely,

I suspect she teases me every now and then just to test my resolve while I resolve the ongoing dispute between my heart and my head,
Head over heels, conflict at its best,

Beyond many things she’s a leader, a teacher, I…seek to be her most competent student if only she’ll allow me to read her every thoughts, feel her every emotions while I be her brick wall to shield her from life’s tantrums and explosions,

Shes more than a dozen roses, more than a weekend at the Hamptons, more than the newest Merc or Corvette, more than an expensive jewelry set, more than anything in the world I could ever think of, more than a woman that Aaliyah would have ever dreamt of,
The power to my kryptonite, superwoman let’s take flight…


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