Poetic State Of Mind

2015: The Briefing…

2nd February, 2015.

Its taken a month to kick start the year here but perhaps its been worth the wait. I woke up today thinking “Is there anything more I need presently in this world?”. Its played on my mind for a minute but after arguing it out my conscience finally fell on probably the obvious answer;


Shocker? I think not. It could be due to the fact that this year I’ve given myself the simplest of tasks to do, which is to stay in the “Me – lane” or what others would call, comfort zone.

This year, I’m looking forward to spend more time doing things like these. I realized that last year I chased around things and people who pretty much didn’t give me the time of day or when they did, didn’t give me their honest selves. Its amazing to see how people can be incredibly transparent with their “just to please” acts. Then again, I guess sometimes you deserve what you go seeking when you know the door is tight shut or opened but not meant for you to go in.

“Too many people are trying to find the right person instead of being the right person”

Interesting to see various perspectives on why people are single or stay single. The quote above I saw on twitter today had me chuckle with a slight grin. Nothing personal, in fact I respect the opinion, just don’t buy it. The good ones go if you wait too long someone said, or maybe it was just Drake.

Either ways being the right person doesn’t guarantee you the right one. How do I know this? I like to think it doesn’t take too much knowledge to know yourself before knowing others. Or even love yourself before loving others. The simplest, generous, selfless people I know in this world for no good reason have had their hearts ripped to pieces and for no good reason as well. You tell me what more he or she has to do to be the right person, but that’s a discussion for another day.

This is just a welcome note. My priorities are centred on spirituality, job security family, education and building up on my passion for writing. Anything else is a bonus really. The keyword is serenity and so long as I can go through every 24hrs knowing that I have a 2nd shot at life to make things right and better for my self contentment and those who are worth putting an extra shift for, then I’ll be just fine.

2015 it is…lights, camera, ACTION!!


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