Poetic State Of Mind

Just One Thing…

Its just one thing,

The honk of a Mercedes E250,
Vrooming down the streets of the capital,
Street hawkers manipulating your wallets and purses,
You purchase even if at that moment the product does not match value for its required purpose,

The streets are heavy, rants and chants,
Palms and bodies all sweaty because the hustle is 6ft deep,
Welcome to the jungle, by any means necessary we’ll bust a limp to make sure our members eat,

Accra we dey, make your mind dey,
Slay by night after we grind all day,
From your corporate 9-5 to your truck pusher pushing scraps along Appian and motorways,

We speak the same language,
Feemɔ lɛ with your Queens English, this is our city we vandalise with the vanaocular speech,

Its just one thing about how the ladies hold their own,
We aren’t cut from the same cloak so before you seek to judge remember he who cast the first stone,

Whether she’s thick, precious or trimmed to the bear bones she plays her position as a mother, survivor, sidekick to the head honcho,

The daylights are scorching, the nightlights are wavy,
Busting down moves on King Tackie Tawiah Street or Bawaleshie, Maamobi or DC,
Adenta, Boogie down town Nima to your Dome or Osu Re believe me we’re bandits jacking success from a corruptible government trying to rip out our dreams,

The young soldiers, we are at war with political owners,
Our puppeteers mimicking our side ventures,
Young entrepreneurs enterprising for the betterment of our sons and daughters,

You ask why we bother?

This is our life, we are the new world order seeking to uninstall apps of violence and economic restrictions just to restore the system,

Victims who have the ultimate price to pay because our leaders traded their dignity for stained and purged cedis while we sit deep in potholes cursing out heads of our family tree,

Its just one thing to hear me talk passionately,
One thing to hear me rant aggravatingly,
One thing about this city that brings out the beast in me because with all due sincerity,
I’d rather die no where else,

Accra we dey,  make you no lose talk you go claim slaps you go shock,
Just chock…its just one thing about this block,
Round about the circle I grew up in,
Round about the Kaneshie I shopped in,
Round about the Danquahs that led me to purple pubs, republic bars and shisha lounges,

Its just one thing you don’t know,
I pay reverence to the city of kings, queens and slayers that embody the jungle of dominance and control,

A two peace to my native town but a salute to adopted home,
Accra we dey…survival of the fittest, hold your own…



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