Poetic State Of Mind

I’ve learnt this past week that “Que Sera Sera” is deeper than just a quote.

Sometimes you just need to look at situations and accept that ultimately you can’t win them all. Some battles are meant to be lost not because you can’t but because its just the way it is. Its more or a less a learning stage with these losses and sometimes even more of a reminder that some foundations are pretty unbreakable.

Life poses many questions; family, spirituality, love.. These are all categories that life throws conundrums around. You sit back wondering why you allowed a circumstance trigger your thought process. Why it allowed you to make brave decisions that you knew before hand were never going to pay off.

I came up with a solution and its pretty simple; instead of wondering why, think how. How to redefine yourself or situations without giving up your principles. How to find answers to questions yet to be asked. How to maintain a level of consistency and a level of commitment to whatever you do or whoever you’re with so as to not bore an attitude of complacency.

The world keeps rotating, years will continue to pass by and there will forever continue to be persistent problems that demand urgency but lack strong willed minds and deeply concerned hearts to wise up and solve them. Its just the way it is.

There will also be people who will detest you irrespective of race, religion, status or the quiet and humble nature of yourself. Also, people who you will meet, be so into them but will not be able to advance past the amicable stage. In all things heads must not be dropped but rather the best should be made out of them. Even if they are as minute as as atom. Its the little effort that will bring out the most profound gratification.

Learn to appreciate the battles and tantrums you come by daily. Fight them at all cost and if some or none pay off, just accept that its not about it being bigger than you but rather it just being a test of your ability to fight for whatever adversity, challenge or some greater that personally moves or drives you. Something that potentially can change your life or better still something or even someone you believe in.

Que Sera Sera…appreciate life regardless..


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