Poetic State Of Mind


Appellations, appellations reverberate; through corridors, acapellas with neither bass, drums nor melodies,
Sounds for your soul, are you willing to let it control you though?

These are the times when men and women, visionaries of wisdom unite and speak,
When words are translated into verbal motions,
Your hearts and minds wide open, hoping for that line that temporarily leaves you choking,
Gasping for air like…how did you just do that there?

But its neither about the rhymes,
Neither about the slick, sexy, lines that intertwines and stimulates your ears confines, its about seeking within the surface,
Searching for that deeper meaning that peak reasoning,
That thought provoking bar you try to reach out to hold but can’t cause in the end, you’re mesmorized by its codes,

That’s what this game is all about,
They say we play with words,
They say we fornicate with them,
Rape then refine them and rape you because we are truly assholes with philosophical mindsets of trying to bust a nut inside your conscience,

A mans idea of a threesome is to capture you in between his thoughts and these words,
So while you listen and snap your fingers repeatedly,
Let it be known that’s your brain reacting to this chemistry,

When I speak, you listen,
When I bleet these words, your mind, heart and soul gives in,

You’re a slave with no shackles,
You could easily decide to fall on deaf ears, but you’re the lovechild of Adam and Eve, you’re tempted and delighted by this sin of having your mind, soul and heart imprisioned,

Like many others before me,
William, Maya, Oscar, Ralph, Kofi
like present and future kings and queens,
Mutombo, Yom, Asantewaa, Vanessa, Chief,
I do not come here just to lyrically wax you,
I’m here to bridge the gap between your fantasies and reality,

To bust wide open the layer that bodies your funny bone and leave you in stitches,
To cure you with this wits inducing, mood swinging, metaphor seducing, hair raising, mind captivating remedy that will forever linger on your memories,

The aim is to leave you in a state where finding yourself becomes a constant battle between truth and lies,
Anxiety and pain, the shudder as a result of chills in your ice cold veins as you are constantly sub zero’d in pieces that will fatally leave you red bared as if you’re a character from a fighting game,

In the end it will be either joy, confusion or death,
You will seek clarity to a lost cause, a touchy subject,
Like a drug addict you will be obsessed with the words rather than the context,
Itching to find out more, screaming scratching walls till nails bleed as your mind speeds on a road with no stop signs nor directions to what truly defines what makes you react to that one line,

That one verse,
That one piece..
I am not a poet, I’m just a speaker,
When I speak, you listen,
When I bleet these words, your mind, heart and soul gives in..


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