Poetic State Of Mind

Sincerely… Marilyn


She was sun kissed,
A glowing beauty of a billion stars,
She is by far…my peace on the horizon,
In a perfect world I would waltz her toe to toe,
Or be a G and grind her till our bodies were soaked but chill..
I’m just an average Joe and she is not your average Marilyn,
Miss Monroe you are my addiction,
My cocaine in St. Lucia, you are my meditation,
My muse heal me with your caressing temple while I praise you like a real man should,
She said..”Let me cater to you like a child of destiny, it is my duty.”
I was in too deep but the urge was like what cigarette is to your kidneys,
Painful pleasure…
You seek a strong boned, strong willed, thrust full of adrenalin but Marilyn your pleasure is your glorifying sin and will be your coffin…slow down,
As she lives the wildness of fame and ice,
Lowly cries at night fills her nest,
This is more than she bargains for, she wants the bright light but can’t see her star and is a few steps away from a mighty fall,
How sure?
How…what more? What more is it that you seek?
You have tasted the seven deadliest of sins and I’m the 8th,
I’m inclined to be the linchpin of your head and heart…perhaps we are meant to be but subtly, perhaps we are just each others fantasies,
What you do to me can not be described in any lines of this piece,
Its a vague but clamouring energy, drifting me mentally to places my soul would rather trip before my feet,
Oh yesterday, you shone like an angel lighting my darkest pasts,
You chose to sacrifice your peace of mind for a “till death do we apart” season 4 episode 1 till our bones scored credits 6ft down I wonder how did you rather become my anchor?
Will you hold in the storms of my life?
Will you be everything more than just the tag name “wife”?
You’re abusing me, bruising me, healing me, Messi’ng with my head, nutmegging the emotions out of me,
Its killing, but thrilling, I’m souled to your uplifting,
Sold to the idea of your light grace and my dark sin procreating an offspring with the power to walk waters, carry crosses past borders that blasphemous men could never speak nor dream off,
Stay with me if only just one night,
It is you I desire, you I acquire and if hells fire burns ferociously in anticipation of what may happen when our two worlds meet,
Then to hell with it, lets smoke these rose bushes and sail in all white to the devils creek…



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